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      Catalent, Inc. Group in AFF Kitchen
      Catalent, Inc. Group in AFF Kitchen
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    • Aid For Friends At A Glance

      Aid For Friends 2013
      Annual Report


      The statistics in Philadelphia speak for themselves: 256,000 persons are age 60 and older.

      Philadelphia seniors’ poverty rate is almost double that of PA and the nation.

      More than 120,000 seniors have trouble paying for life’s most basic necessities.

      13,000 older Philadelphians need help preparing meals; 73% live alone; 40% rarely leave their home.

      Aid For Friends is one of the largest and most established home delivered meals program in Pennsylvania, serving 400,000 free dinner meals, 58,000 soups and 42,000 breakfast bags to an aggregate 2,200 home- bound persons each year. We also provide nearly 100,000 hours of friendly visiting annually. We have served more than 15,500,000 meals to 14,500 individual homebound persons over the past 40 years.


      Aid For Friends’ (AFF) volunteer cooks prepare 400,000 dinner meals at their homes, area churches, synagogues, organizations, and at our commerical kitchen. They donate most of the ingredients.


      AFF visitor volunteers develop a one-to-one relationship with their own special homebound friend. They bring seven frozen dinners to the same person once a week and sit and talk with them for a while.


      AFF provides advocacy, nutritional beverages for the malnourished (Ensure), birthday and holiday gifts and occasional emergency financial assistance.


      30% of those we serve are below age 60; 28% are over age 85.

      NO COST:

      All food and services are provided completely FREE of charge. 

    • Volunteering Opportunities


      Prepare home-cooked dinners weekly or monthly. 
      Gather with friends or neighbors once monthly and prepare several dinners from your favorite recipes.  
      Cook a pot of your favorite soup to freeze in our containers.  
      Organize a group from your church, synagogue or organization to meet monthly and prepare meals.  
      Become a volunteer visitor and bring the gifts of food and friendship to someone in need.
      Contact us through this website or at 215-464-2224 to volunteer today!